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Monday, October 14, 2019
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Our Office is in Downtown Camas
422 NE 4th Avenue
M-F 9am - 5pm

CW Mission

... to be the areas business advocate and the primary organization marketing Camas, Washougal and East Clark County.

The Chamber represents a variety of businesses, organizations and individuals that work together to further economic growth in the area.

The Chamber works to maintain a healthy, livable community through positive business leadership, participation, collaboration and accountability.

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Membership Application 2016-18
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Joining the Chamber!
The Executive Director’s

1. ONLINE PROLIFERATION: The CW Chamber's website www.cwchamber.com received over 900,000 hits in 2009. Every month up to 12,500 individual computers are signing on to our website, with 65% going to the Directory section to search out local businesses. The publicity you get from just being on the CW Chamber's site is worth your membership.

2. FREE ONLINE UPGRADES TO YOUR ACCOUNT: At www.cwchamber.com you can pump up your listing by enhancing it free of additional cost. Other Chambers charge to add logos, photos, links, extended text, events and coupons - with us, its all included!

3. REFERRALS: The CW Chamber office is a hub for location information. We get walk ins, relocations (people & businesses), neighborhood associations and people directed by the Post Office to get local information. We talk with them about Chamber members and load them up with information from our Concierge Rack.

4. THE PREFERRED BUSINESS DIRECTORY: This two-year publication is a valuable marketing tool for your business. The CW Chamber creates 5,000 copies that are distributed through the Post Record Newspaper, relocation packets and at public places like the City Hall of Camas & the City Hall of Washougal. Being a Chamber member is the only way to be listed in this book!

5. NETWORKING: Meeting other businesses can be a challenge. The Chamber organizes Business After Hours, Luncheons, and other events where networking plays a major role. Creating relationship with other businesses can offer great rewards, whether it is in straight referrals, or working with one-another on a professional level.

6. THE CW MAP: Every two years the Chamber creates the ONLY map in Camas & Washougal. Thousands of copies are created and distributed through the community. Being the only map ensures a great marketing opportunity, with great staying power.

7. THE GUIDEBOOK TO DEVELOPING BUSINESS IN CAMAS & WASHOUGAL: Recruiting and aiding new businesses is one of the goals of the Chamber's volunteer based Economic Development & Education Committee. This guidebook is a compilation of all available business information in East Clark County. The Guidebook helps new businesses quickly get a feel for Camas & Washougal's business environment.

8. PROGRAMMING: The CW Chamber offers a variety of other programs in addition to the Monthly Luncheons and Business After Hours. The Chamber does a "Business of the Week" program that spotlights businesses in Chamber materials and to other media outlets. The Membership Committee hosts a "Chamber Happy Hour" which is a focused networking event that features members as they pertain to a topic. In January the topic is "Computer Care". The Chamber runs the Business of the Year and Citizen of the Year award program for the Communities.

9. CAMAS DAYS: The CW Chamber is solely responsible for the operation of Camas Days. This event draws approximately 12,000 people into the downtown core of Camas. Camas Days is a tourist draw from the entire region. Washougal’s Motocross and Camas Days are the biggest events in the region.

10. LOW COST ADVERTISING: The Chamber offers a variety of low cost methods to get your business name out in the community. Event Sponsorships range from $100 basket donation to a $225 Luncheon sponsorship to a $600 Wine & Microbrew Street sponsorship - all the way to a $4,000 Camas Days Sponsorship. Print ads appear in our Chamber Newsletter, the Preferred Business Directory, the Guidebook to Developing Business and in the Camas-Washougal Map. Digital ads are seen on the Homepage of the Chamber’s website for a fee of $400/year, or you can post free coupons online.

Return on Investment

Annual Events

Monthly Membership Luncheons

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Chamber Happy Hour Membership Mixers

Citizen of the Year Banquet

Camas Days Festival
The Holiday Gift Basket Luncheon


Chamber Publications

C/W Business Directory

By Chamber staff to new residents

By Chamber staff to new businesses

By fellow Chamber members

Relocation Packets

Web site Directory

C/W Fact Book


Info & Partnerships

Economic/Business Facts & Figures

Community Demographic Data

Columbia River Economic Dev. Council

Camas & Washougal City Councils

C/W School District Partnership

Columbia River Gorge Visitors Assoc.

Camas Downtown Association

Downtown Washougal Association

Camas Downtown Vision Coalition

Vancouver USA Regional Tourism Office

Camas-Washougal Port



Several Active Committees

Task Forces

Special Events

Ground Breaking/Ribbon Cutting


Publicity & Exposure

Monthly Newsletters

Monthly Bulletin Inserts & Ads

Grand Opening Ceremonies

C/W Fact Book

C/W Business Directory

Camas-Washougal Map

Free Business Updates

Web Links


Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Chamber Event Sponsorship Opportunities                                                                                                                     Chamber Chats                                                                                                                 Social Media Exposure


Community Job Creation

Economic Development/Improvements

Tourism Promotion

Local School Financial Assistance


Camas Washougal

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