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Saturday, March 25, 2017
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... to be the area's business advocate and the primary organization marketing Camas, Washougal and East Clark County.

The Chamber represents a variety of businesses, organizations and individuals that work together to further economic growth in the area.

The Chamber works to maintain a healthy, livable community through positive business leadership, participation, collaboration and accountability.
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     Networking doesn't have to be that bad, in fact, it shouldn’t be.  The goal is to meet new people and expand your professional network, and there’s no reason those activities have to be confined to conferences and industry happy hours.  All it takes is a little imagination, and networking might even be kind of fun.

             These five ideas will help you:

1.  Reinvent the Meet-and-Mingle - Is there an activity that you have been waiting to try, or a new skill you would like to learn? Pick an activity– like taking up golf, learning to make your own wine, joining a book club, or anything else that stressed-out professionals might do to unwind– and try it out!  People in a relaxed, social setting are usually more open to conversation, which makes this the perfect opportunity to open up, ask questions, and build new relationships. 

2.  Be in the “In Crowd”- In nearly every city, there are at least a few restaurants where the politicos, the PR people, or the state workers like to go to mingle with their own.  Even professional chefs have their favorite after hour haunts.  A little legwork or friendly conversation with a knowledgeable bartender will give you some ideas of the hot spots in your industry.  So, pick a place, grab a friend, cozy up to the bar and strike up conversation with the person next to you.  Putting yourself (literally) next to other people in your field will increase your chances of networking success. 

3.  Take up Volunteering - Consider where your heart is.  Pick a local church, animal sanctuary, or non-profit where you can put in a few hours after work or on a weekend alongside other people in your area Or, lend your professional expertise to a neighborhood school.  Put together a presentation (complete with handouts) about your field for career night, when parents (re: new contacts) are also in attendance. 

4.  Work It Fundraisers usually have no trouble finding people who are happy to fork over $200, get dressed up, and enjoy the wine and hors d’oeuvres – what they really need is extra hands. So, call your favorite charity and offer to work the registration desk.  You’ll get to be there for the entire event, you’ll have a built-in chance to meet and talk with the (often high-profile) attendees, and you won’t have to pay a dime to do so.

5.  Reconnect With Your Past – College and high school reunions or alumni events are the hidden gems of the networking world.  They offer a room full of people with diverse interests and careers who you already know (or at least, who you have something to talk about with)!  So, after you reminisce with your former classmates, and club-mates, strike up a conversation about their careers, and talk about yours.  Your old friends could be (or at least put you in touch with) valuable connections.

     Whether you’re looking to leave your dead-end job or just want to connect with people who may lead you to your next career move, face-to-face networking is still one of the best job search tactics out there.  And if you’re willing to think outside the box, it might actually be fun, too.





So we are at that point in the year where we are looking for some motivation. New Year’s Resolutions have long since been forgotten; Spring Break is still a full two calendar flips away….Our weather is very unpredictable – teasing us with a short stint of sunshine then hiding it away again.

Couple that with the annual ‘Tax Document Round-Up’ and the anxiety ridden trip to the CPA or monitoring of the ‘Taxes Due’ figure with each click. March is a long month with no Three Day Weekends to look forward to. 

It is also a great month to get a lot done. It’s the perfect time to pull out that Business Plan that you so carefully put together in December.  Are you on track for your first quarter goals? You have the whole month of March ahead of you to make some real progress. 

If you are anything like me, you are constantly striving to be more efficient. I am always looking for ways to get more accomplished in my short business day; more phone calls, more relationships tended to, more education and development.

I challenge you to make this the best March you’ve ever had! Squeeze in two more calls – one more appointment- one more contact! I’ll do it with you! Then when the sun does finally come out it the spring we will be ready to pause for a moment and soak it all up!

Go Get ‘Em!!


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